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Download Game Metal Slug Defense Untuk Android

Download Game Metal Slug Defense Untuk Android The gameplay is a one vs one tower defense/strategy game, with two "sites" on either side of the stage where units are spawned. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opposing site by any means. Once the game begins, forces begin accruing "AP", which is used to produce units that automatically advance toward the enemy's site. These units can either assault enemies, construct objects that impede enemies or support allied units, or produce additional units at no cost. Paying Rumi Aikawa a certain amount of AP will improve the rate that AP builds as well as the maximum AP that can be held at once.  Most units have both a standard attack and a special attack. When the unit is within range of an enemy unit or structure, it will begin its standard attack. 
Download Game Metal Slug Defense Untuk Android

After a predetermined length of time, the unit's special attack will be available, indicated by a light blue "aura" surrounding that unit. Tapping that unit activates its special attack, which is instantly used. After finishing the special attack, the unit will continue with its standard attack until the special attack is charged again. 
Download Game Metal Slug Defense Untuk Android
A maximum of ten units can be in a deck in a fight. After a sufficient length of time, a "Metal Slug Attack" (MSA) will be made available. Activating this will send a rapid-moving Metal Slug barreling toward the opposing side, exploding on impact. The MSA will run over (and instantly kill, regardless of amount of health) any light infantry, but will explode after running over ten units in a row. The MSA will also explode on impact with any vehicles or "heavier" infantry (includes Tar Men and Zombie Marco). Sumber Link

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